Machinery Manufacturing

Impeccable Engineering, High Performance

Erdemtaş Machinery Corporation operates together with ESO Industrial Automation within the ESO Group, collaborating on turnkey factory installation projects.

Established in 2007, Erdemtaş Machinery Corporation and designs and manufactures machinery especially used in the tire industry in Turkey. With its team of specialist mechanical engineers, the company undertakes projects attuned to customer demands and processes, using quality materials and stellar workmanship.

On a steady and stable pathway of growth ever since its incorporation, Erdemtaş Machinery Corporation is a solution partner for investors in the fields of 15 “-24" Tire Machinery, 20 “-30" Tire Machinery, Banbury Stock Feeder Cutting Machine, Extruding Feeder Machinery, Scrap Tire Cutting Guillotines, Truck Tread Tester Units, Automatic Bobbing Tread Cutting Units, Automatic Centralized Tread Cutting Units, Coil Unloading Groups, Electrode Production Lines, Tire Control Machinery, Form Passage Group manufacturing.

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15-24 Tyre Building Machine

20-30 Tyre Building Machine

Banbury Stock Feeder Cutting Machine

Extruder Frames

Tyre Building Machine

Tread Cutting Machine With Automatic Centering

Truck Tire Bead Wire

Sidewall Joint Press

Truck Tyre Trimming Line

Batchoff Machine