With its expert team of engineers, ESO Industrial Automation provides accurate analyses of customer requirements and offers great solutions according to the project requirements. The company manufactures AG Panels for projects by production plants in the fields of cabling, energizing, energy supply of the machines, Automation Panels for communication and management of machines for factory production processes, Driver Panels that command the engines as well as MCC Panels and the Command and Control Panels.

Low Voltage Panel

Focusing on safety, reliability and adaptability to meet the highest requirements of its customers, ESO Industrial Automation designs and manufactures flexible and modular systems.

The high-performing, long-lasting and safe ESO Industrial Panel Technology is perfectly adaptable to projects for factory energy distribution systems ensuring that the energy of the production machines can be controlled from a single center. Thanks to the precise power management devices included in the ESO Industrial AG Panel, data such as mains voltage, amount of power drawn from the mains and current values can be displayed. The bus-bars of the product are made from 99% pure electrolytic copper. The main switch can be either a Thermal Magnetic Switch or a Compact Switch depending on the project. Equipment such as support insulators, sockets, lamps and fuses integrated into the panel are also first class products. Believing in the power of quality and customer satisfaction, ESO Industrial Automation is associated with prestigious projects, providing special factory energy equipment and cabling services specific to projects and requirements accompanied by high engineering skills.

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Automation Panel

ESO Industrial Automation stands out for its excellent customized solutions for turnkey factory automation systems for all industries, especially plastic and rubber as well as automation systems for production lines for tires. ESO Industrial Automation supports the customer and the energy distribution department with modern, reliable and industry-proven products. Skillfully incorporating the latest technologies into its systems to keep abreast with the latest innovations in the industry, the company manages factory production processes with an automation panel with scalable, stable, modular and powerful control systems by bringing together field communication components, the driver technology and the robotic software platform.

ESO Industrial Automation provides a broad range of solutions with the right performance, complexity and cost. ESO Industrial Automation Panel Systems guarantee the best performance and quality through skillful management and separation of various dimensions and perfect integration of all devices into existing systems.

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Driver Panel

ESO Industrial Drive Panels are designed to increase the productivity, performance and efficiency of your business. They provide the flexibility to help you optimize your processes while causing fewer system disruptions. Various Servo / Motion systems used for the designed systems offer different solutions for a wide range of applications. Operation via standard pulse outputs or SSCNET allows adaptation to the specific requirements of the application. The built-in frequency inverters form an important component of factory automation systems. An ardent follower of innovative technologies, ESO Industrial Automation offers fast, powerful and easy-to-use driver solutions with the latest generation processors, advanced software models and state-of-the-art power electronics technology tailored to the specific needs of its customers.

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MCC Panel

ESO Industrial Automation Motion Control Panels are designed according to factory production line projects and takes advantage of technologies that support performance-oriented processes with speed and reliability.

The system includes ESO Industrial Automation MCC Panels which supply the motors uninterruptedly, safeguarding them against over-voltage and low voltage and controlling them as well as PLC, central automation and a communication infrastructure for SCADA systems. The built-in equipment and the unexceptional quality of the products ensure that the processes will be running without interruption to offer high performance, providing reliable and harmonious operations.

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Control Panel

ESO Industrial Automation Control Panels ensure that all units operate safely and smoothly. Since the safety and control systems are independent for each unit, the other units are capable of continuing to work flawlessly in case of any malfunction. The built-in thermal safeguards protect the motor in case of over-current or phase failure. The entire system can be controlled automatically by the computers, or manually. Further, the panel is protected against dust and moisture and even in cases of power outages during malfunctions, it issues a sound alarm or a warning light appears, guaranteeing the safety of the system and the user. Premium quality products used to build the panels ensure maximum reliable working conditions.