With its products and services, ESO Industrial Automation is dedicated to making your business more competitive for increased efficiency and performance. The end product groups of ESO Industrial Automation, which produces very specific solutions for projects that are focused on customer requirements with its research and development and design and engineering skills, are production line machinery for vehicles tires manufactured in collaboration with Pano and Erdemtaş Machinery Corporation. ESO Industrial Automation is also the distributor of German Laser & Med Industrial Laser Products and Fara Led Lamb products in Turkey and it has also obtained the distributorship of Mitsubishi Electric, Festo, Elimko, Leuze Electronic and Lapp Group products in Kocaeli.


ESO Industrial Automation provides high performance and productivity at a low cost for production processes.


ESO Industrial Automation and Erdemtaş Machinery Corporation operating under the corporate roof of the ESO Group collaborate in turnkey factory installation projects with customers enjoying the benefits of smooth-running and seamlessly managed project processes whereby they engage with a single company ensuring efficient allocation of time and resources for quality products and services and reduced costs.


With its expert team of engineers, ESO Industrial Automation makes accurate analyzes of customer requirements and provides solutions with panel types manufactured according to the project requirements.


ESO Industrial Automation and Erdemtaş Machinery Corporation operate as the members of the ESO Group, collaborating in factory installation projects on a turnkey basis.


ESO Industrial Automation is the exclusive distributor for Turkey of German Laser & Med Industrial Laser Products and Fara Led Lamb products, and is also the distributor for Kocaeli of Mitsubishi Electric, Festo, Elimko, Leuze Electronic and Lapp Group products.

Why should you prefer ESO Industrial Automation?

ESO Industrial Automation is a member of the ESO Group together with Erdemtaş Machinery Corporation, operating with a customer-oriented approach. The ESO Group has the first and only business model in Turkey for delivering turnkey factory assembly projects and the accompanying manufacturing of machinery as well as process automation and assembly. With this model, customers remain in contact with one single company for the entire process, achieving results faster and at a much lower cost.

ESO Industrial Automation has taken giant strides towards developing its work processes, helping it gain top-drawer references. Producing, designing and launching projects with leading tire and automotive brands, the company’s meticulous approach to smooth management of processes opens the doors to international markets.

ESO industrial automation is specialized in mechanical manufacturing and the subsequent installation of the necessary automation and communication network of the machinery and putting the system to use. With its widely-experienced team of electrical, electronics and mechanical engineers, the company provides its customers with full range of services. The team is capable of translating incoming customer requests into projects through correct and thorough analyses of customer requirements as well as of design works and software development and machinery production. Systems installed at the end of the processes running parallel to the mechanical side of the business offer the added benefit of perfect and thorough control.

In its systems, ESO Industrial Automation uses products such as PLC, Scada, servo motors, sensors of the leading brands of the world which make special productions for automation. Products that combine reliable software with a flawless workforce fully meet all requirements of system management.

Systems built by ESO Industrial Automation offer enterprises the opportunity to invest more at a lower cost, produce more profitable and better quality products faster by using much less energy and fewer resources. In addition, uninterrupted communication quality and reliable software provide full control, online access to information, application of process related workflow and faster and more efficient management of critical operations.

ESO Group Service is always your solution partner with its excellent quality of service in terms of mechanical maintenance and repair of machines, updating of automation systems, application of electrical designs and modernization of existing machinery and systems.